Frequently Asked Questions

What are your tax preparation service fees?

Tax preparation service fees are determined based upon the individual needs of each client. 

How are tax preparation service fees paid?

Your tax preparation service fees can be paid through your refund transfer, through a credit or debit card via a PayPal invoice, money order, or cashier’s check. 

What is a Refund Transfer?

Refund Transfer (RT) allows customers to pay their tax preparation related fees and other amounts with their refund.

What is an Easy Advance?

An Easy Advance (EA) is a no recourse loan secured by a taxpayer’s tax refund to eligible applicants. If approved, a Finance Charge will apply. Advance money is typically available within 24 hours of IRS acceptance of the tax refund. There will be no collections activity on unfunded taxpayers.

Upon receipt of a Federal or State tax refund, the EA is repaid by deducting the loan amount and Finance Charge from the refund. After repayment, the remaining amount of the refund is disbursed to the taxpayer by the same disbursement option chosen for the EA proceeds.

Who is eligible for an Easy Advance?

To be eligible to apply for the EA, the expected Federal refund must be equal to or greater than the net refund minimum after all authorized fees have been deducted.

How long should I keep my tax records for?

The IRS urges all taxpayers to develop a recordkeeping system − electronic or paper − that keeps important information in one place. Keep copies of filed tax returns and all supporting documents for at least three years. 

How can I file for an extension to file my taxes?

Need more time to prepare your federal tax return? Please be aware that an extension of time to file your return does not grant you any extension of time to pay your taxes. 

E-file Your Extension Form

Individual tax filers can e-file their extension form for free using Free File on the IRS website.